Environmental Responsibility and Micro-plastics

What are micro-plastics?

Micro-plastics are a devastating environmental threat, wreaking havoc on our oceans and rivers and killing off an alarming 50% of plankton in the past 50 years. These tiny plastic particles carry with them toxic chemicals from cleaning products, personal care items, and sunscreens which enter the water supply. Plankton is responsible for consuming carbon dioxide while producing up to 70% of all breathable air – making their destruction a major concern when it comes to climate change and ensuring a sustainable future. It is essential that we take action now to protect these vital creatures, not only for their important role in our environment but also as a step towards preserving our planet from further destruction caused by micro-plastics and other pollutants.

What is the Micro-plastics Elimination Device?

Our revolutionary Micro-plastics Elimination Device (MPED) sets us apart from the competition. Not only does MPED collect plastic on the surface of water, but it is also able to capture micro-plastics down to 65 microns in size – something that no other river-skimming device can do. This innovative technology has world-changing potential for global river plastic pollution prevention and offers new opportunities for indigenous communities everywhere. On top of this, Ocean Integrity provides a comprehensive range of CSR and ESG solutions which make us the ideal choice for achieving sustainability targets.

What is Ocean Integrity?

Ocean Integrity is a global social enterprise that empowers corporations to facilitate environmental change and make the world’s oceans more sustainable. We are dedicated to retrieving 1 billion kilos of waste per year from our oceans and waterways, recycling 100% of plastic collected in order to keep pollutants out of the environment and protect local wildlife. By doing so, we strive to ensure marine environments remain unpolluted and safe for future generations.

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