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Ocean Integrity Group leads the global fight against ocean plastic pollution through sustainable practices, cutting-edge technology for transparent tracking, and a comprehensive approach to reducing plastic waste and protecting marine environments.

Ocean Integrity Mission

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our team

Kieran Kelly, founder of Ocean Integrity

Captain Kieran Kelly

Founder & Global CEO
A pioneer in ocean plastic collection. He founded Ocean Integrity in response to the amount of plastic he saw in the ocean while commercial fishing in the worlds oceans.
Keith Flitner

Keith Flitner

CFO Ocean Integrity Global; CFO OIG
Environmental advocate committed to conservation, sustainability, and preserving natural resources, driven to combat climate change and secure a sustainable future.
Ailish Keating

Ailish Keating

VP Ocean Integrity Global, Director OIG
Background in project management. Based in Ireland. Grew up on the Wild Atlantic Way. Worked for both For Profit & Non Profit Organizations including the Northern Forest Center in Maine and Nomura Securities in NYC. Co-founded Katahdin Area Trails in Maine
Harri Jordan

Harri Jordan

Director Of Communications OIG
A passion for ocean conservation, on a mission to address plastic pollution, dedicated to fostering sustainable practices, and combating greenwashing.
Peter Keane

Peter J. Keane

40 years of expertise in water, mining, and oil & gas. Peter specializes in discovering & developing viable groundwater sources, ensuring the sustainability of water systems globally.
Hector V. Avella

Hector A Avella

Director Maritime Affairs Ocean Integrity Group
A retired U.S. Coast Guard Officer with 21 years of operational experience domestically and internationally, leadership & expertise in search & rescue, law enforcement, maritime safety, and international capacity building.
CJ Deluca

CJ DeLuca

CEO of Ocean Integrity Group
CJ is the CEO of Ocean Integrity Group our 501c3 Non-Profit. CJ has over 36 years of diverse business experience, with successful ventures in business, advertising, and media. A co-founder of Colorcorp and CEO of Artware Holding, LLC
Walid Yasin

Walid Yasin

CEO Ocean Integrity Pakistan
Walid is Director of Hills Premier Polymers Ltd and CEO of Ocean Integrity PK
Brent Carlisle

Brent Carlisle

CEO of Ocean Integrity Australia
Partner and CMO of 180 Waste Group specialising in creating a circular economy in the health industry dealing with clinical and plastics waste, turning the waste into a resource reducing health costs and greenhouse gases

Dr Mitra M Hedman

CEO Ocean Integrity Iceland
ECO-VILLAGE PROJECT IN ICELAND- PhD in Architectural Engineering, Oslo School of Architecture & Design. Working on Ocean Integrity Iceland’s Eco Village. This innovative project is about recycling of waste plastic to build around 5,000 affordable houses, community center, school, daycare, shops, restaurants, sport facilities and offices at a location near Reykjavik . This innovative project provides people with low cost homes and helps Iceland to lower it’s carbon emissions to reach Carbon Neutral by 2040.
Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan

Senior Project Manager OIG, Director of Government Affairs Ocean Integrity Group
With 36 years of government experience, Tim now leads his Veteran-owned business, consulting on crisis management, security, maritime awareness, and environmental compliance, while teaching university courses in Maritime Homeland Security and emergency management.
Dan Jordan

Dan Jordan

Materials, Recycling and Sustainability Specialist, Ocean Integrity
Dan is a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in specialist, difficult-to-recycle materials. With a background in working within specialist wash plants, he has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to finding innovative solutions for sustainable material management. His dedication to environmental stewardship earned him the prestigious 'Rising Star Award' at the UK Packaging Awards, solidifying his position as a leader in the field.

David Hitchen

CEO Ocean Integrity UK
With over 12 years of experience in the recycling industry, David Hitchen is dedicated to making significant strides towards sustainability and ethical recycling practices. Actively seeking ways to minimize the environmental impact of waste management processes. His passion for sustainability fuels his determination to explore cutting-edge technologies and initiatives that promote circular economy principles.
Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown

Crypto & ESG
Patrick worked extensively in the Middle East and Asia working for oil and gas in the Middle East before heading to Asia lecturing in Leadership and Management at several number of prestigious universities. He has a keen interest in the cryptospace, and ESG reporting.

Our Vision


Blockchain Tracking

OIG uses Block Chain Technology to track and trace every piece of plastic collected from ocean to recycled product

Blue Ocean Program

OIG founded the Blue Ocean Program to Ensure that all plastic collected is recycled and never incinerated or burned

Social Impact

OIG Hires Local FIshermen to Remove Plastic, We Pay Living Wages & Boost Local Economies


Through our Methodology businesses can earn Carbon Credits and generate additional revenue to help fund additional recycling and projects

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Our team is more than just the people of Ocean Integrity. We consider every business and individual who supports our efforts to clean the ocean part of Ocean Integrity. Without you, we could not do this important work.

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