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Become Plastic Neutral while building your ESG portfolio.

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2. We help you account the plastic your business uses and identify ways to reduce your plastic footprint.

3. We build a customized plan to offset your remaining plastic use.

4. You gain verified ESG efforts that eliminate global poverty, improve childhood education for families, and provide sustainable housing all while improving the health of the ocean.

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Become Plastic Neutral

Why become Plastic Neutral?

Help fight plastic pollution

By becoming Plastic Neutral, you can help fight plastic pollution by preventing plastic waste from entering the oceans and other habitats. By removing plastic from the environment, you can also enable the emergence of an innovative plastic upcycling industry.

Support environmental justice

Going Plastic Neutral helps to establish a more equitable, repsonsible, and effective global waste system. Plastic neutrality allows organizations and individuals to take responsibility for the real impact of their plastic consumption instead of shifting the burden on to the marine ecosystem, developing countries, and future generations.

Build a sustainable future for all

By becoming Plastic Neutral, you can rebalance the global plastic problem by giving “lost-case” plastic new life. You support innovative technology to redesign the flawed linear economy for plastic into a circular economy that reduces the socio-economic and environmental impact caused by plastic waste.

Benefits for your company

  1. Improved ESG reporting.

  2. Support to help your company reduce its plastic footprint.

  3. A statement of third-party verified impact to share with customers and shareholders.

  4. Listing on the Ocean Integrity website as a partner.

  5. Certified Plastic Neutral status.
  6. Meaningful ESG impact without the risk of greenwashing.

ESG Benefits with Ocean Integrity

By becoming Plastic Neutral, your company will be creating environmental and social benefits. Your actions will enable an equitable, responsible, and effective path to a circular economy for plastic waste.

The Blue Ocean Program Standard

  • All plastic collections under the Blue Ocean Program must be handled responsibly, with an emphasis on improving the livelihoods of coastal indigenous communities. Such measures may include providing employment opportunities, increasing access to educational resources and healthcare services, or creating sustainable economic development initiatives in these communities.
  • None of the plastic collected should ever be burned or incinerated, regardless of the reason.
  • All plastic collected must not only be recycled but reused whenever possible to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste. Additionally, we should make an effort to reduce the number of plastics used in manufacturing processes by using more sustainable materials.
  • None of the plastic collected should ever be thrown away in a landfill, dump site, or other environment-harming disposal methods; instead, it should be properly recycled and repurposed.
  • All collectors of plastic must be provided with a living wage that is high enough to cover the cost of their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and healthcare. In addition to adequate compensation for their labour, a living wage has the potential to substantially reduce poverty levels and create greater economic security in our society.
  • All collections must be securely logged on the Devvio Inc. blockchain to guarantee the accuracy and validity of each transaction from beginning to end.
  • All collections of plastic will be regularly audited by an independent third party to ensure complete transparency and accountability.

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