Our ProgramFor Ocean Cleanup


Ocean Integity Global has recovered to date more than 1.36 billion kilos of waste handled under the Blue Ocean Program.  As an organization that offers unparalleled transparency and accountability in eliminating ocean plastic waste and not only tackles the environmental crisis but also creates significant social impact by improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations on earth. 

With a cutting edge application that tracks and traces all collections, coupled with the use of Blockchain technology for secure data storage, Ocean Integrity Global provides secure digital assets that offer full transparency and visibility into the entire process.

Blue Ocean

Introducing TheBlue Ocean Program

The Blue Ocean Program is an environmental initiative designed to address the critical issue of plastic waste pollution in rivers, lakes, and oceans.  We live in a Poly-crisis today; Global Warming, Biodiversity Loss and Pollution; Plastics, Textiles and PFAS. That is why we from Ocean Integrity have developed the Blue Ocean Program that addresses all three crises in one.

“The Blue Ocean program focuses on the collection, proper disposal, and recycling of plastic waste, with the aim of preventing landfill disposal and especially open burning and incineration.”

The program incorporates a set of standards that we have implemented inside Ocean Integrity and because the Blue Ocean Program is open to organizations, companies and institutions who would like to join the Blue Ocean Program to address the Poly Crisis we wish to extend this participation to others .

Participants must adhere to a set of rules and procedures to be accepted which will include being accredited, verified, and validated. By actively participating in the Blue Ocean Program, individuals and organizations contribute to the preservation and restoration of marine ecosystems (Biodiversity) and the reduction of plastic pollution and lowering CO2 emissions

Blue Ocean

The Blue Ocean Program aims to:

  1. Collect plastic waste from rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  2. Implement efficient recycling techniques for the proper disposal of collected plastic waste.
  3. Prevent plastic waste from being sent to landfills or being subject to open burning.
  4. Enable Recyclers to improve their capabilities and enable them to expand.
  5. Design and Allocate financial instruments such as Carbon Credits to fund Projects and participating partners in every country where the program is active or where Ocean Integrity has a presence or where participating Blue Ocean Program partners are active.
  6. Promote environmental awareness and education regarding plastic waste pollution and its impact on marine ecosystems via social media channels and other means.