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About this app

Waste Management

Ocean Integrity has come up a smart, interactive platform that will accelerate the efforts to combat plastic pollution in the oceans. As we work towards reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean by promoting responsible waste management, recycling initiatives, and advocating for the use of alternative packaging materials, the platform enables fishermen, communities and beach clean-up volunteers to join a community of heroes for a positive impact and get rewarded for pro-environmental behaviors.

All you have to do is;

  • Collect plastics from the ocean while you go for fishing, beach clean-ups or from the coastal communities
  • Create a supply order and inform OI about the available stock
  • Take a picture of the material
  • Hand over the material to the OI collector when they come for a collection drive
  • Earn rewards and other monetary gains for helping the cause of plastic free ocean

Make An Impact,One Item At A Time

The app guides you to collect the plastic items collected from the oceans, waterways or coastal communities and deposit the same for responsible and environment friendly recycling. The integrated map shows the location of the nearest collection point. Once the material is collected and inspected at the OI warehouse, you will be credited with the rewards as applicable.

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