Our story

Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly

Founder and CEO

Kieran Kelly grew up in a fishing family in Ireland. He founded Ocean Integrity in response to the ocean pollution he witnessed while fishing.

I grew up in a little village on the Southeast Coast of Ireland called Helvick. The soul of our village life was the pier where my father and family would bring in boat loads of fish daily from the ocean. The bounty the ocean provided was the economic link for the village.

Life was fantastic growing up, lots of seafood and a strong bond between the people in the village. But things started to change with overfishing by a massive EU fleet in Irish waters. Agricultural and industrial  waste flow started to kill our rivers and ocean. The devastating effects of this led me to emigrate with my family to the USA were I continued my life on the ocean.

The thing that really shocked me was the sheer volume of plastic in our ocean. I thought it was only a problem in Ireland. But no matter where I fished the East or West Coast of America, I used to see plastic. From the Celtic Sea to Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, plastic was everywhere. One winter, while fishing in remote waters on the Bering Sea. I saw massive amounts of plastic that had originated in Russia and Japan. This made me realise our ocean is dying. It was time to give back and help clean our ocean.

Shortly after this Ocean Integrity was formed. Today we collect ocean plastic globally. We have since developed the first of its kind, patented Micro-plastic Excluder Device (MPED) that collects micro-plastics from rivers. We empower local, indigenous fishing villages around the world by hiring them to collect ocean plastic. We hire and promote local people to make them leaders in the Village. We empower women around the world and encourage them to become the backbone of our company. All regional leadership positions to be filled over the next years will be filled by women. I believe Mother Earth needs a mother’s love to help save our planet.

How strange has this been going from a commercial fishing captain that harvested seafood on an industrial scale to collecting plastics from our ocean on the same scale.

Our Mission

Reduce the global carbon footprint

By Ocean Integrity proactively reducing the use of single-use plastics and investing in more sustainable alternatives such as bioplastics, we can significantly reduce our global carbon footprint and help mitigate the devastating effects of ocean plastic pollution on marine ecosystems.

Reduce global inflation

It is estimated that 1 ton of plastic in the ocean has an effect on the global economy to the tune of US$33,000. However, retrieving this plastic does much more than just reducing global inflation; it creates tens of thousands of jobs in developing countries and provides a chance for us to protect our planet from further destruction. This is not simply an option, but a must if we are to ensure the survival of our environment and species.

Improve global biodiversity

By tackling the global problem of ocean plastic, we can help restore ecosystems and protect vital wildlife habitats. Without reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and improving waste management practices, life as we know it could be irrevocably changed.

Empower governments and businesses

Ocean Integrity is committed to helping corporations meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (E.S.G.) requirements in a cost-effective manner—in some cases, even for free! We strive to empower our corporate partners by providing tailored solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and goals while ensuring the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Principle office

Ocean Integrity has global projects. Our principle office is located in Indonesia.

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