Summit Systems Ltd. sponsors the collection of 20,000 kg of ocean plastics

Summit Systems Ltd.

In April 2022, Summit Systems donated £25,000 to help fund the launch of Ocean Integrity’s Microplastic Elimination Device (MPED). The MPED is a 120m long by 20m deep static fixed line net designed to collect microplastics which are too small for collection with standard surface skimming nets.

Additionally, Summit Systems donated £10,000 to fund collection of 20,000 kilograms of ocean plastics using the MPED in the Tangerang region of Indonesia. The collection amount is more than twice the plastic footprint of the company. According to economic impact research, the removal of this amount of plastic waste provided a global economic benefit of $660,000.

Ocean Integrity repurposed the collected material by blending it into aggregate to create building bricks. The sustainable materials will be used for houses for local communities through the Indonesian government.


Kg plastic collected

Fair wage jobs created

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About Summit Systems

Summit Systems is a market leader as a supplier of plastics ancillary equipment. Their products include plastic recycling machinery and raw material recycling equipment. The company also supports the Plastics Packaging Tax. As a result, Summit Systems meets or exceeds the 30% recycled content threshold within their packaging.


Mike Jordan, Managing Director of Summit Systems

“It is really rewarding to work with someone so genuinely passionate, that is so determined to run a sustainable solution to plastic ocean pollution. The world needs more Kieran Kelly’s. We are very happy to be working with him. We strongly encourage other companies to get involved with Ocean Integrity so that we can start making a difference for the future of our planet and for our grandchildren.”