Logistics Plus offset 48x its plastic footprint, helping Ocean Integrity remove 3,564,000 kilos of plastic waste.

Logistics Plus

In the past three years, Logistics Plus Inc., has helped Ocean Integrity remove 3,564,000 kilos of plastic waste. The amount is over 48 times the plastic use by Logistics Plus, Inc. during the same period. Logistics Plus helped fund the development and launch of Ocean Integrity’s Microplastics Elimination Device.

In this unique partnership, Logistics Plus assists Ocean Integrity with all aspects of supply chain management. This includes transportation of the plastic debris collected, international regulation assistance, cross-border trading, and navigation of customs and global trade compliance. Logistics Plus is committed to using its global network of customers and partners to connect Ocean Integrity with people who support its mission of restoring integrity to the World’s oceans.

Through offsets under the Blue Ocean Program standard, Logistics Plus Inc. has also removed 3,928 tons of ocean plastic. The company has achieved beyond plastic neutral.

Kg plastic collected

times plastic footprint offset

Additional kg plastic waste removed

About Logistics Plus

Logistics Plus Inc., is a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions.


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