We can help your business become Plastic Neutral

Reduce and offset your plastic use while building your ESG actions when you work with Ocean Integrity. Our programs to reclaim and recycle plastics help you meet environmental and social initiatives.

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    How our program meets your ESG goals: 

    1. We hire workers from community.
    We hire 20 fishing families to collect one ton of ocean plastic a week for 50 weeks. Each is paid $200 per week for the 50 weeks. This is over 4.5 times minimum wage in Indonesia and over 6 times the salary people earn in many of the factories in Indonesia.

    2. The clean up benefits the environment.
    The collection helps fight climate change and saves marine life, including plankton, the real lungs of our planet. By the fisherman taking part in this and not harvesting seafood this also helps marine life recover

    3. Collected plastics are remade into new products including sustainable building materials.
    For every 1000 tons of plastic we build four houses that will be donated on behalf of your company to the fishing families. This eliminates poverty for these lucky families and its truly life changing.