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Kgs of Blue Plastic Waste Collected from Rivers and Oceans So Far

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Ocean Integrity works in the most polluted waters of the world. In our mission to collect 1,000,000,000 kgs of plastic pollution each year, we improve the health of the ocean, the lives of the local fishing families we hire and pay a fair wage, and the communities where we work. Learn about the issues your support helps solve and the impact you help us make in the stories below.

Environmental Responsibility and Micro-plastics

Environmental Responsibility and Micro-plastics

Micro-plastics are a devastating environmental threat, wreaking havoc on our oceans and rivers and killing off an alarming 50% of plankton in the past 50 years. These tiny plastic particles carry with them toxic chemicals from cleaning products, personal care items, and sunscreens which enter the water supply.

Effects of Microplastics and Nano Plastics in our ocean

Effects of Microplastics and Nano Plastics in our ocean

A comprehensive approach to balancing human well-being with nature's services must take into account the impact of microplastics and nanoplastics (MPs/NPs). MPs/NPs can reduce the ability of soils to sequester carbon, leading to global climate change. They can also...

The main source of ocean plastic

The main source of ocean plastic

How did so much plastic enter the ocean? The main sources of this pollution may surprise you. Here are six facts to know about the sources of ocean plastic pollution.

How you can help

Reduce Plastic Use at Home

 On average, each person generates about 221kg of plastic waste per person (USA) and 114kg of plastic waste per person (Europe) each year. Learn how plastic waste enters the ocean.

Become a Plastic Neutral business

Tell us a bit about your business and we will contact you to discuss a custom program to reduce your plastic use, offset the remainder, and build an ESG portfolio.

Volunteer your time and skills

Do you have valuable skills that can help us in our mission to clean the world’s ocean? Contact us with more information about your skills and goals.